Avian and Exotic Medicine Club

Photo: Parrot doctor


Dermatitis in Lizards

With Dr. Keller

April 8, 2013, 12-1pm in Valley 1010.

Avian Ophthalmology

With Dr. Sadar

March 11, 2013, 12-1pm in Valley 1010.

Avian Wing Repair

With Dr. Grosset

Feb. 20, 2013, 12-1pm in Valley 1010

Joining forces with BMC to tackle Avian Aggressiveness

With Dr. Liz Stelow

Fri, Nov 16 noon in Valley 1030. RSVP by Nov. 14th for lunch.

Teaming up with SVECCS on Avian Emergency & Critical Care

With Dr. Amberly Sokoloff

Tues, June 26 6pm in Valley 1043.

Joint rounds with Nutrition Club on Exotics and FAT!!

With Dr. Jonathan Stockman.

April 24th 12-1pm in Valley 1043. Lunch served to Nutrition and/or AEMC members.

Human Dimensions of Avian Conservation

With Dr. Joyner.

Feb. 17th 12-1pm in Valley 1020.

Avian Mobile Practice

With Dr. Jeanne Smith.

Jan. 25th 2012 in Valley 1010 from 6-7pm.

Exotic Animal Zoonoses

With Dr. Olivia Petritz.

Nov. 30th in Valley 1010 from 12-1pm.

Avian Opthalmology

With Dr. Korbel.

Nov. 1, 2011. Lunch followed by evening discussions about general avian opthalmology along with common diseases.

Avian Infectious Disease Rounds

With Dr. Stockman

May 2011, lunch rounds discussion about infectious diseases and parrots and pepperoni!

AEMC partners with SVECCS again!

Avian Emergency and Critical Care Rounds

With Dr. Hawkins

Lunch was provided and we discussed how to care for our feathered friends in an emergency.

AEMC and SVECCS joint rounds!!!

Exotic Emergency and Critical Care Rounds

With Dr. Sinclair

We had a joint rounds session on January 21st, 2011 between AEMC and SVECCS! Our own Dr. Sinclair from CAPE was there discussing emergency situations with exotic animals.  We enjoyed lunch and were able to hear about Peebs the rat. 

More rounds info to follow, please keep checking back.