Club Activities

FARM Club Activities

Club TG

  • The FARM Club was proud to have a booth at the Club TG
  • We met a lot of new people and gained some new members!

Club TG FARM Club table

Club Barbecues

  • The FARM Club hosts gourmet BBQs with meat cooked by our own members
  • Faculty and residents often also come out to enjoy a good meal
  • This is a great chance for members to network, socialize, and kick back and have a good time!
  • FARM Club hosts two BBQ events over the school year: Fall Welcoming BBQ and Spring BBQ!


Club Field Trips


FARM Club WINS the BCF National Competition

  • See BCF Ultrasound Contest tab at the top for more details!
  • FARM Club was featured on many local media outlets.

 Our marketing campaign photo for the competition