What is Calf Team? 

  • On call shifts in C-Barn where you are able to shadow and assist barn nurses/senior students with emergency cases and treatments of hospital in-patients.  Students are called in during their assigned shift when an emergency comes into C-Barn.  If there is no emergency,  you can always come in during your shift and help out with routine treatments.  You will get the opportunity to meet students, residents, and faculty as well as gain experience working with large animals of the non-equine variety.  What you will get to do will vary with experience and class level, but no experience is needed! 

When is Calf Team? 

  • Shifts are from 6-11pm.  Sign up for shifts that work with your schedule.

  •  Requirements
    •  You must be a FARM Club member - if you have not paid club dues yet, no problem!  A check for $10 can made out to "FARM Club" and left in Joseph Banuelos's mailbox (class of 2019). 
    • Orientation session for first year student or those new to Calf Team 
    • VMTH safety training is required
    • Primary, secondary, and accessory shifts are beginning this year
    • We've added these extra shifts this year (Secondary and "Accessory") to increase your opportunities to see emergencies.  If you sign up for these shifts, you would only come in if called by the primary person letting you know that there is an emergency.  The primary person can still come in for their whole shift to help with treatments, etc. if they choose.

    VMTH Training
    • Requirements: 2 hour training session
    • After the session:
      • Sign Risk Assessment form and Health Surveillance Questionnaire (will be sent to you as a link in an e-mail)
      • Complete VMTH Online Safety Training Modules that you haven't already
        • These include "General Safety," "Chemical Safety," "Anatomic Path LA carcass," and "Anatomic Path SA carcass"
      • "Bite Information Handout + Quiz
      • Read:
        • Bleach/Disinfectant handout
        • SOP "Cleaning Chemicals"
        • EH&S Hazard Analysis of Ruminants, Horses, and Swine
        • "Safe Handling of Animals in LAC"
      • Read email attachments
        • VMTH Injury Illness Prevention Plan
        • Medical Waste Management Plan
        • Emergency Action Plan
    • Remember, when you are on call as primary, you are expected to either show up or call at 6pm to let them know that you are on call for emergencies.