Animal Health

Photo: Animal Health

Kentucky Collie Comes to VMTH

UC Davis veterinarians hope to reconstruct the lower jaw of a collie from Kentucky that was shot in the face. First, they’ll have to clear a bone infection that could delay the surgery for at least a month.

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Public Health

Photo: Public Health

How do chemicals affect the brain?

Pamela Lein's is working to develop models to predict the connection between chemical exposure and the chain of events that lead to unwanted health effects.

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Environmental Health

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Irrigation Water Conference April 24-25

Engage in a discussion about Western U.S. irrigation policies and be part of improving the safety of the nation's produce. Registration required. (Photo: Ken Figlioli)

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Western Institute for Food Safety and Security

Photo: Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS)

Ensuring food safety from farm to fork

Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

Photo: Livestock Medicine

Identifying and developing advanced medical treatments.