Animal Health

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Equine Dermatology

Atopic dermatitis, defined as an allergic reaction to environmental allergens (such as pollens, barn dust, molds, etc.), is probably more common in horses than currently reported.

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Public Health

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Lyme Disease Tricks

Lyme disease, transmitted by ticks like this, can fool the body's immune system into not launching a full immune response or creating future protection. (Photo: John Carleton/Flickr)

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Environmental Health

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A Lion's Tale

According to a 13-year study, humans are responsible for more than half the known deaths of mountain lions studied in southern California. Most were killed through vehicle collisions, depredation permits, illegal shootings, public-safety removals or human-caused wildfire.

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Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

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Identifying and developing advanced medical treatments.

AAVMC Celebrates 50 Years

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Click to view video - The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges celebrates 50 years of serving animals and people.