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Electronic Grant & Research Tracking System (EGReT)

Electronic Grant & Research Tracking System (EGReT)

EGReT (Electronic Grant and REsearch Tracking) system is intended to simplify the submission, management, and tracking of extramural contract and grant proposals submitted by principal investigators in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

With EGReT, faculty and staff will be able to complete and upload forms and documents online for review, approval, and submission to Office of Research in a secure, password protected manner.  All data and information entered the first time, including any uploaded documents and forms, will be remembered by EGReT for use in subsequent proposals. The EGReT system is designed to be user-friendly and facilitate efficient use of time and effort.  Subsequent versions of EGReT will allow for the creation of customized reports about research across the veterinary school, including grants in particular fields of science; research dollars requested per department over time; number of grants on specific animal species, etc.

Subscribers can acess EGReT by clicking here.