Extramural Funding Opportunities

The following is a compilation of funding opportunities for research studies. Funding sources vary from Limited Submission from within the University, to private as well as governmental sponsors. NIH opportunities for funding will be listed below, as well as on the NIH Announcements page. Those opportunities closest to the date of application will be listed at the top of the page. Students may find information on funding specifically for them on the Student News page. Selected employment opportunities presented to the Office of Research & Graduate Education will be posted on this page as they become available. These employment opportunities can be found towards the bottom of the page, following all of the funding opportunities.

NIH - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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The University of California Global Health Institute (UCGHI) Offering Funding for Research Abroad

The University of California Global Health Institute (UCGHI) GloCal Health Fellowship is a career development fellowship sponsored by the  NIH Fogarty International Center, as well as a consortium at the UCGHI. This consortium is comprised of UCSF, UCSD, UCLA, UC Davis &  27 affiliated international sites across 16 countries.

The program provides trainees with outstanding, interdisciplinary education and training in innovative global health research designed to improve health for populations around the world. Trainees will be matched with global health faculty from one of the four UCs and an international site.

The fellowship is designed for: doctoral students (PhD, DrPH, etc.), professional students (MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD, etc.), post-doctoral fellows, foreign post-doctoral fellows from participating international sites, and junior faculty with a current NIH Career Development Award (K series or similar).

Questions? Contact Kimberly Bale: balek@globalhealth.ucsf.edu

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T.J. Martell Foundation

Applications reviewed in the Fall; unlimited submission; flexible amount 

The T.J. Martell Foundation is the music industry's largest foundation that funds innovative medical research focused on finding cures for leukemia, cancer and AIDS.  The Foundation sources and supports early-stage research projects aimed at developing more effective clinical treatments for patients which otherwise might not be funded. They give between $15,000 and over $2,000,000.  They are interested in any early stage research with an emphasis on novel approaches that have not already been funded. They are looking favorably at the moment at pediatric projects (but that is not a requirement), and they look especially favorably at collaborations within a University and among other universities and hospitals, especially those they have funded. They have funded the following: LA Children's, Mayo, U of Rochester, Vanderbilt, Columbia Presbyterian, Massachusetts General, MD Anderson, Harvard School of Public Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Mt. Sinai. To apply, you simply send a detailed description of the research and investigators with a formal letter stating the purpose and amount requested. Applications are reviewed in the fall.

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Proposals are soticited in areas of special concern to performance and show horses. Proposals should be submitted by January 31, 2015. Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of five or more veterinarians, and notice of results of the review will be available by July 1, 2015.

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Unveiling the Genome: Genetic Architecture of Severe Mental Disorders Revealed (Collaborative U01)

Deadline is October 15, 2015

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support a consortium of collaborative projects, with a minimum of two sites, that propose to use cutting edge technologies to generate and analyze whole genome sequencing (WGS) data from either case control or family samples in order to elucidate the full genetic architecture underlying susceptibility to severe mental disorders. Insights into the genetic architecture underlying susceptibility to severe mental disorders will be achieved through implementation of state of the art WGS assays and innovative/novel statistical methods.

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NIAID Resource-Related Research Projects (R24)

Deadline is September 7, 2016

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), issued by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), requests submission of investigator-initiated Resource-Related Research Projects (R24) applications. The proposed resource must provide a significant benefit to currently funded high priority projects in need of further coordination and support in the areas specified. Under rare circumstances, this mechanism may be used to support development of a new resource to the broader scientific community of the NIAID. It is anticipated that the request for resource support through the R24 activity code will occur on an infrequent basis and only in circumstances where other mechanisms of support from the NIAID are not appropriate.

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FDA Announces Grant Funding Available for Veterinary Testing Methods

On June 21, 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced the availability of grant funds to bolster efforts to validate testing methods as part of the Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network (Vet-LIRN).

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The Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) Defense Appropriations Act provides research funding for the peer reviewed programs managed by the Department of Defense

(DOD) office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). 

Recently released pre-announcements from the following programs:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research Program (ALSRP) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) Gulf War Illness Research Program (GWIRP) Neurofibromatosis Research Program (NFRP) Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Program (TSCRP)

Descriptions of each of the funding opportunities, eligibility, key mechanism elements, and funding can be found in the respective Program pre- announcement.  FY13 pre-announcements can be found in the CDMRP home page features at http://cdmrp.army.mil.

ALSRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13alsrppreann.shtml

BCRP at  http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13bcrppreann.shtml

GWIRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13gwirppreann.shtml

NFRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13nfrppreann.shtml

PCRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13pcrppreann.shtml

TSCRP at http://cdmrp.army.mil/pubs/press/2013/13tscrppreann.shtml

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Over 50 new grants of US$100,000 each will be made to investigators from 18 countries and mark the tenth round of funding from Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative seeking to lower the barriers for testing innovative ideas in global health and development. Also announced was additional funding of up to US $1 million each for four Grand Challenges Explorations projects to enable grantees to advance their work.

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The V Foundation for Cancer Research Grant

Each grant will total $200,000, given in two yearly installments

The Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board of the V Foundation for Cancer Research would like to invite you to submit a research project for V Scholar grant consideration. Funding is available for laboratory-based fundamental and translational research.

The candidate must:

  • Be associated with your non-profit institution
  • Have demonstrated expertise and promise in the designated areas of research
  • Have completed at least two years of fellowship training
  • Currently hold a tenured track faculty position
  • No more than five years since joining the faculty as instructor or assistant professor
  • No more than 10 years since terminal degree (M.D. or Ph.D.)

*Exceptions must be approved via email prior to submission

  • Not have been promoted to Associate Professor

Researchers who have secured their own RO1 funding are not eligible for this award. Applicants with institutional or KO8 awards are eligible.

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