Large Animal Clinic

Photo: Equine Clinic

Welcome to the Large Animal Clinic at the VMTH. Our services include treatments for horses and a wide range of livestock animals. Care is available at the hospital or at your ranch or farm.

Small Animal Clinic

Photo: Small Animal Clinic

Welcome to the Small Animal Clinic at the VMTH. Our services range from preventative care to the most complex surgical procedures veterinary medicine has to offer.

Laboratory Services

Photo: Become a Vet Student

Welcome to Laboratory Services at the VMTH. Our services include a donor blood bank, regenerative medicine and a variety of clinical services for our patients and referring veterinarians.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

Photo: Become a Vet Student

Welcome to Diagnostic Imaging Services at the VMTH. Our services support both large and small animal practitioners with x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI.

Referring Veterinarians

Photo: Referring Veterinarians

Referrals from private practitioners are a major part of our caseload and provide the foundation for our student and resident training programs.

Animal Health Inquiries

Photo: Animal Health

Answers to animal health questions are available from multiple sources throughout the School of Veterinary Medicine, including the VMTH.

Clinical Training Programs

Photo: Clinical Training

The VMTH offers a variety of clinical training programs ranging from short internships to multi-year residencies and fellowships.

Featured Video

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Patient Spotlights

Photo: Patient Spotlights

Read about success stories of some of our previous patients, including many saved with cutting-edge medicine or surgical techniques.

Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

Photo: Clinical Trials

New medical treatments are identified and developed regularly at the VMTH. Many of the novel approaches of today become the accepted treatment protocols of tomorrow.

Make a Gift Now

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The VMTH is grateful to its generous benefactors. Please consider a donation to help us continue the advancement of veterinary medicine.